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Fallout New Vegas just got even better in free download you can grab now

Fallout New Vegas just got even better in free download you can grab now

New Vegas has never been better

Fallout: New Vegas is easily one of the best games in the series, if not the best. That’s just a straight up fact.

If you’re wondering how such a revered Bethesda experience could get any better, you’re not alone – we were curious too.

However, after seeing this free download in action, we can say, hand on our hearts, that it makes such a big difference.

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This isn’t like those hefty Fallout mods comprising of 38 extra missions and new areas, but instead focuses on enhancing what’s already there. In short, it’s simplicity done well.

‘Desert Landscapes’ over on NexusMods is a “comprehensive landscape overhaul for the Mojave Wasteland”.

But that makes this mod sound bland, when it’s anything but.

In the words of its creator, friendlynonmurderingsort, “The goal of this mod is to make the desert so beautiful and interesting that you won't want to fast travel anymore.”

Now seems like a fine time for a confession: I prefer rambling my way around the Wasteland to fast travelling because I like exploring every single inch of the map. And when the map has pretty areas, I want to admire those too.

True, “pretty” isn’t really how you’d describe a Fallout game, but still, there’s locations worth seeing.

This mod is one way to see such an area, but with a few tweaks so the finer details are easy to spot and savour.

“This mod looks really cool, great work,” posted NexusMods member TotoThorn. It might not be a poetic review, but it informs curious players that this mod delivers; that’s all that really matters.

If you’re looking for a “greater aliveness” in your Fallout playthrough, this mod promises to do just that. You’ll stop and smell the singed fur of your enemies while admiring a dying tuft of grass.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Amazon

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