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Fallout: New Vegas free expansion adds 38 new quests and new location to explore

Fallout: New Vegas free expansion adds 38 new quests and new location to explore

Fallout: New Vegas just got another new lease of life

Love for Fallout: New Vegas will never die – not that we want it to. It’s such an iconic game, long live expansions that keep adding new depth to this already brilliant game.

Buggy though it may be, Fallout: New Vegas has such a richness about it that makes it hard to ignore. As such, fans keep working away on mods that will elevate the experience further, like stunning modern overhauls to give it a fresh lick of paint.

There are more than graphical improvements to savour, though. ‘Salt Lake Stories’ is a large expansion that delivers 38 new quests, alongside “15 mini-world spaces" and “50,000 voiced words of dialogue lines”.

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A unique feature of ‘Salt Lake Stories’ is that there’s no clear indication of where you should go next. As the creator explains, “There aren’t quest markers and no obvious information [for] what you’re supposed to do next. There are entire locations and content that could stay hidden to you, if you take the wrong decisions.”

“If you want to explore the full scale of the mod, you’ll have to take your time and listen to the characters and look very carefully. If you want to rush through content and grab a few new weapons, this mod most likely is not the right one for you,” they conclude.

Players who’ve already sampled the wasteland delights of this mod hail this as a “really nice DLC-sized mod”. One fan posted, “I love this mod. Even though you can't visit some of the areas, the vibe and pacing and writing of this mod is unparalleled. Might be the best DLC sized mod for New Vegas.”

Whether you play Bethesda’s Fallout series vanilla or not matters little, as there are plenty mysteries still to be discovered. Though who dropped the first bomb isn’t one of them any longer, now that the creator has revealed all.

Ready for more quests? ‘Salt Lakes Stories’ waits for you at NexusMods.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Yossarian22 – NexusMods

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