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Multiple PlayStation titles get unofficial 60fps PS5 updates

Multiple PlayStation titles get unofficial 60fps PS5 updates

If you want something done properly, do it yourself!

It’s always nice to play better versions of the video games that we love, whether by official or unofficial means.

For whatever reason, it feels that first-party publishers such as Sony seem reluctant to improve some popular backwards-compatible video games from a previous generation. To be fair, that’s not so much of an issue with Xbox, as the green brand leads the way for backwards compatibility with an overwhelming number of improved games with enhanced HDR and framerates.

Check out the Bloodborne launch trailer below!

So the issue seemingly lies with Sony. Take for example Bloodborne by FromSoftware. A true PlayStation classic in every sense of the word that pushed the PS4 to its absolute limits. At the time of writing, Bloodborne still performs at 30fps, even when played on the PlayStation 5. Unlike other Sony irst-party titles including God of War (2018) and The Last of Us Part II.

Why is Sony so inconsistent with new-gen updates? Sadly, we can only speculate the reasons. Thankfully, however, we can at least rely on talented indie developers and modders to do the work of the gaming gods.

As reported by Push Square, one such game that has recently benefited from a 60fps update is Crash Team Racing by modder, Illusion. Being a fast-paced kart racer, there is perhaps no better type of game that will benefit from a boost such as this one.

Thanks to the likes of Illusion and Lance McDonald, Crash Team Racing now joins the ranks of other unofficial 60fps updates on PlayStation 5 including the aforementioned Bloodborne, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Order: 1886.

Will Sony or Rockstar Games release official updates for any of the games mentioned above? We’d like to think so, but we assume that if that was going to happen, it may have happened by now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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