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Bloodborne has finally been updated for PlayStation 5

Bloodborne has finally been updated for PlayStation 5

New blood

One of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives has finally been updated for PlayStation 5 to run at a silky smooth 60fps, and it's all thanks to the fans.

The PlayStation 4 has had its fair share of bangers, but most of them have already been updated to take advantage of the more powerful PlayStation 5 hardware. Marvel's Spider-Man got a remaster. The Last Of Us got a whole-ass remake. Horizon Zero Dawn got a 60fps update. But there's one game that never quite got the love it deserved.

You already know which one I'm talking about:

Released back in 2015, I would humbly suggest that Bloodborne is one of the greatest PlayStation exclusives of all time, and Dark Souls studio FromSoftware's greatest game. Vicious, terrifying, and boasting a labyrinthian world of interlocking routes and shortcuts, it is a masterpiece.

What a shame, then, that Sony refuses to acknowledge the game's existence.

Fans have yearned for a PC port or PS5 remaster for years now. Even an update to get the game to run at 60fps on PS5 wouldn't go amiss. Alas, Sony treats Bloodborne like it showed up drunk to a relative's wedding and curled out a massive turd on the dancefloor in front of gran.

The good news? Dedicated fans have now got Bloodborne running at 60fps 1080p on PlayStation 5. Bloodborne community pillars Lance McDonald and Illusion have gotten an unofficial patch running on a retail PS5. The result is absolutely stunning, and you can see it below.

A word of warning: getting this patch to work on your PS5 would require you mod it, which is absolutely not something we can advise since you run the risk of wrecking your console if you don't know what you're doing.

Still, we can hope that this latest triumph will encourage someone, anyone, at Sony to pull the trigger and make Bloodborne on PS5 a reality.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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