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Modern Warfare 2 is bringing back a classic Call Of Duty 4 map

Modern Warfare 2 is bringing back a classic Call Of Duty 4 map

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is bringing back Call of Duty 4's classic map Showdown.

It’s confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is bringing back a classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map. Can you guess what I’m about to say? That’s right, Showdown.

It’s been a somewhat tumultuous few months for the franchise. Modern Warfare II released to positive reviews and even better sales figures. In fact, MWII had the most successful Call of Duty launch of all-time. Since then though, fans have been underwhelmed by the disappointing updates released for both MWII and its counterpart Warzone 2.0. It looks as if the latter will soon be undergoing a facelift, dropping the ‘2.0’ to return to the simpler moniker of Warzone. Activision are scheduled to appear at tonight’s Summer Game Fest to update fans on what’s next for these titles, and it looks as if that’ll include the return of Showdown.

Modern Warfare II introduced third-person gameplay to the franchise. Take a look below.

Showdown first appeared back in Call of Duty 4 and we now know, thanks to the official Call of Duty Twitter, that it’ll be making its return in the upcoming season four update. There are a further five multiplayer maps that’ll also be joining the game including Kunstenaar District, Mawizeh Marsh, Ahkdar Village, Penthouse, and Mercado.

There will also be several new gunfight blueprints, plus 12v12 Search & Destroy and Prisoner Rescue modes. The new weapons include the ‘Tempus Razorback’ assault rifle, the ‘ISO 45’ SMG, and the ‘Tonfa’ melee weapon which bears a strong aesthetic resemblance to Fortnite’s Thunder Spears.

That’s not all. There are two new operators, Ana Vega and Nikto, new bundles, and a new ‘Assault on Vondel’ event. During Summer Game Fest, we should get a look at some of this stuff in action, likely in a new trailer. Season four is due to launch on 14 June, so you don’t have long to wait.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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