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The Last Of Us keeps breaking viewership records with every new episode

The Last Of Us keeps breaking viewership records with every new episode

The show has us in a chokehold, and we're fine with that.

The Last of Us has us in a vice and we wouldn't have it any other way, with the show seeing immense numbers of viewers every week, beating the previous records held by previous episodes. We're going to have to really think about how we spend all of that newly freed up time once it's over.

Spoilers for the fourth episode follow.

The Last of Us' 'Please Hold to My Hand' wasn't as action-packed or as heartrending as the last three episodes however it forms a crucial foundation what is yet to come. Joel and Ellie are now stranded in Kansas City after being ambushed by bandits led by a survivor named Kathleen. She seeks someone named Henry and assumes, based on Joel and Ellie's brutality towards her own soldiers, that they are working together as a three. The two central characters evade the hunters and sleep in an abandoned apartment, but when Joel and Ellie wake up, Henry and his little brother Sam are holding them at gunpoint.

Check out this creepy Clicker cosplay below:

The next episode is going to be a whopper, let's just say that much. As Variety states, the hype for The Last of Us can even cut through the noise of the Grammys, and 7.5 million viewers watched the latest episode. That's an increase of 17% compared to the 6.4 million people who watched 'Long, Long Time,' and HBO had already seen the biggest week two audience growth for a HBO Original drama series in the history of the network between the first and second episodes of the show.

A second season is, of course, on the cards and praise has been levelled at the fourth episode for connecting to Part II's themes of love and revenge. We had a scattering of wholesome moments between Joel and Ellie, where the former apologises that the latter has ever had to take the life of another in order to survive. The pun book makes an appearance here too and Joel can't hold back his chuckles when Ellie recites one last joke before bed.

In contrast, Kathleen is tireless in her pursuit of vengeance for the death of her brother. Perry, who one might assume is more inclined to drastic action by being kitted out in a tactical vest and armed to the teeth, even seems perturbed by Kathleen's state of mind. Remember, the fifth episode is airing earlier than normal so all questions will be answered soon.

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