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The Last Of Us viewers praise show for upcoming episode's Deaf/ASL representation

The Last Of Us viewers praise show for upcoming episode's Deaf/ASL representation

Fans are excited to see young actor Keivonn Woodard shine in the role.

This week, we met Henry and Sam in The Last of Us and fans are already amped with the differences that the show has brought to the two characters and how this is a chance for disabled survivors to step into the spotlight.

HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us diverges from the game in a number of ways, surprising fans and introducing viewers to new takes on their favourite characters. One example is the relationship between Bill and Frank which had been fraught with fights in the original material. Instead, the episode 'Long, Long Time' dedicated almost all of its time developing their romance and turning it into a much more wholesome affair, which some have said rights the wrong of the game.

Check out this The Last of Us shopping skit that encapsulates the ridiculous ability of Joel to crouch walk his way to success:

And, in the case of the brothers Henry and Sam, the show has added another dimension to their survival in this post-apocalyptic world. Sam, the younger of the two, is Deaf and communicates with Henry through American Sign Language. Not only is this an opportunity to spotlight disabled characters in the show, actor Keivonn Woodard is Deaf too. Fans are accordingly very excited to see such a young actor shine in the role and how the show navigates the advantages and disadvantages of Sam's disability.

"Fellow CODA [child of Deaf adult] here, I’m SO excited too! More representation of Deaf people and culture is desperately needed in TV/movies," said one. On Sam and Ellie's interactions, a viewer wondered how The Last of Us would convert that given the change in communication style between the two.

"You may be surprised by the bonding that can happen between a hearing person and a deaf person. Sometimes something that seems like a barrier actually makes for an even stronger bond! Deaf people are, by necessity, excellent communicators," explained Reddit user JuniorBiscuits.

For your information, the fifth episode is airing earlier than expected. The Superbowl is set for the usual Sunday slot that The Last of Us takes up, and so, HBO Max will show the next one on Friday 10 February.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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