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The Last Of Us fans argue episode 3 is 'essential', not filler

The Last Of Us fans argue episode 3 is 'essential', not filler

The Last of Us fans are defending episode three against those who are calling it "a filler."

We’re edging closer to episode four of HBO’s The Last of Us. If you’re familiar with the game, you know what’s coming. A brand new city. Hunters, or perhaps not. Either way, Joel and Ellie are back on the road and it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Until then though, people just cannot stop talking about episode three. It’s me. I’m people. The Bill and Frank focused episode was beautifully written, directed, and performed and I think we can all agree that Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett deserve all of the awards. It’s well known by now that the episode has been review-bombed both for its ‘political propaganda’ and for being ‘a filler.’ Fans are now responding though saying that episode three isn’t a filler. It’s essential viewing.

Take a look at what’s in store this season on The Last of Us.

Reddit user saxophone_solos took to the site to perfectly explain why episode three is “essential.” They wrote, “It's the MOST important episode thus far in terms of how much it set up and contextualised Joel as a character. The episode, in my view, is about establishing the worldview of the story; its core thesis about love and life as essential foreshadowing for Joel and Ellie's storyline.”

Let’s focus on what that really means in actuality. The user continued, “Bill and Frank's story is about how love makes life worth living, yes, but also more essentially how love is so often rejected because it opens you up to the terror of heartbreak and loss. The Frank and Bill episode argues that despite those risks, it's INFINITELY richer to love and risk pain than to close yourself off to everyone and everything. Risking pain is essential to LIVING instead of just surviving.”

“This makes an exact parallel to what Joel is going through,” they added. “Joel reads [Bill’s] letter and it prompts an essential fork in the road for him emotionally. He has been cold and distant to Ellie, and the episode literally begins with Ellie pointing this out and telling him not to blame her for Tess' death. [..] When he reads the letter, he HEARS this: We are protectors - that's what we do. Find just ONE person to protect. [..] Bill threw down a challenge. Joel's going to take it up and the result is going to be that major game-end decision.”

“After the letter, we have the seatbelt scene - the first time he's actively been somewhat kind or caring towards her. The letter had an IMPACT on him, even if he hadn't fully accepted it.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. The week prior, Tess said, “I’ve never asked you to feel the way I feel.” Joel has been too frightened to love for decades now. Bill and Frank are the catalyst needed for him to stop living that way. Chef’s kiss.

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