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The Last Of Us viewers agree Nick Offerman needs all the awards

The Last Of Us viewers agree Nick Offerman needs all the awards

The Last of Us viewers are all in agreement that Nick Offerman gave an award-worthy performance as Bill in this week's episode.

The critically-acclaimed third episode of HBO’s The Last of Us has arrived, and I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of us were left in floods of tears. It was very emotional. It’s okay to let it all out.

The Last of Us continues to be a colossal success, and we now know that a second season is officially on the way. Fans are already wondering who will bring Abby to life but let’s get back to this week. ‘Long Long Time’ may mark the biggest departure from the game so far, but it’s also The Last of Usmost triumphant episode - although fans have still had to defend the episode from a small minority who branded it ‘a filler.’ I’m so thrilled that we got to explore Bill and Frank’s story and almost everyone is in agreement that Nick Offerman deserves every award coming his way.

Take a look at the trailer below to see what’s in store on The Last of Us in the coming weeks.

The same goes for Murray Bartlett. Both actors did an incredible job. To stray away from our familiar characters and then make it so that a short while later we’re sobbing over the loss of two characters we just met is no easy feat. I should imagine that The Last of Us will fare pretty well during next year’s awards season. As reported by ComicBook, fans are letting it known that they want to hear Offerman’s name called out.

Twitter user sinkintothis wrote, “Mark my words: Nick Offerman will be nominated and win the Emmy for his performance in The Last of Us,” while nhimak added, “The Last of Us show writers watched the first 10 minutes of Up and said, ‘Oh we can do this much sadder.’ An incredible heart-bursting episode three. Nick Offerman deserves an Emmy for this alone.” TheJosieMarie said, “The third episode of The Last of Us is one of the finest moments in television history. It’s so delicate, raw, and intimate. Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett give award-worthy performances. If you don’t cry, I don’t trust you.” Take a look at some more reactions below.

Which moment left you bawling? I’m torn between “Love me the way I want you to,” and “You were my purpose.” HBO’s The Last of Us has been an emotional ride so far, and we’re only a third of the way through the season. Buckle up everyone.

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