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Jack Black's Bowser needs his own movie, fans demand

Jack Black's Bowser needs his own movie, fans demand

Mario fans want Jack Black's Bowser to get his own spinoff film.

At this point, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before a sequel or spinoff of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is announced.

Illumination’s animated adaptation of the beloved Nintendo franchise has been smashing records - after having the best ever opening for an animated film, it’s on track to hit a whopping $1 billion in revenue. Mamma mia.

Take a look at our interview with The Super Mario Bros. Movie star Anya Taylor-Joy below.

Anyone who’s watched the film will know that a sequel has already been hinted at, but as UNILAD reports, many fans are now begging for a Bowser spinoff. No one can deny how incredible Jack Black was in his role as Mario’s nemesis - his song, ‘Peaches’, is eligible for Oscar nomination, and has even been a hit in the charts.

“I know we're all excited about the prospect of a Luigi's Mansion movie and a Donkey Kong Country movie, but with all the love for Jack Black's Bowser (rightfully so!), imagine how awesome a Bowser spinoff movie would be!” @JohnnyBud suggested on Twitter.

Another user put forward an idea which would allow Black to bring back his incredible musical version of the character: “I want a spinoff movie of Jack Black Bowser going on tour with a group of other evil kings and forming a heavy metal band. Bowser on vocal and guitar. King K. Rool on drums. King Boo on bass. And King Bob-omb as backup guitar,” @ScratchyDerose wrote.

In our review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, I wrote: “There was never any doubt that Jack Black is the perfect person to play Bowser, and seeing (or rather, hearing) him in action proves this once and for all. While he totally nails the serious villainous scenes, he also uncovers a goofier side to Mario’s arch nemesis that’s hilarious to watch, and doesn’t feel at all out of place.” With that in mind, you’ll have no objections here if the guy really does get his own dedicated spinoff.

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