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Hogwarts Legacy's latest update contains a hidden new addition, devs tease

Hogwarts Legacy's latest update contains a hidden new addition, devs tease

More is going on than meets the eye

There might be more to the latest Hogwarts Legacy update than we first thought.

Although many Harry Potter fans have declared this free download “ridiculous”, that hasn’t deterred the developers from trying to lure them back with veiled promises of hidden details.

During a live stream of Hogwarts Legacy, the devs teased that, after the update has gone live, players should “Speak to Albie Weekes”.

What exactly is included in the Hogwarts Legacy summer update?

How mysterious.

To be clear, we have no clue what this action could trigger if you take the above advice and speak to Albie. We doubt it’ll be nothing, but whether it’s a substantial addition or merely a sentence of extra dialogue, we can’t say.

But even without any idea of what this interaction will bring, it’s a welcome extra we didn’t expect.

Is it enough to reignite the dying flames of the fandom? Perhaps not. Still, it gives players something new to search for; something new to theorise over.

And if what Albie offers you is worthy of note, you can use the new photo mode to take a snapshot of it. Arguably, out of all the extras coming via the summer update, this feature is the most exciting.

The new DLC will also allow you to redistribute your talent points, another option many will be delighted to see included.

In regard to a new game plus, while that’s not included in this update, the devs have teased that it’s coming, albeit much more slowly than anyone would have liked.

This summer could be a surprisingly delightful dive into the world of wizardry and witchcraft once more – thanks to Albie – or it could end up being underwhelming.

But isn’t it fun to not know for sure? Whatever you may say about Hogwarts Legacy, it’s brilliant at keeping its players on their toes.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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