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Hogwarts Legacy developers finally tease New Game Plus

Hogwarts Legacy developers finally tease New Game Plus

Players will soon get to dive back into the magical world

Following on from the recent release of the Hogwarts Legacy's summer update, fans were unhappy that a New Game Plus mode was seemingly not on the cards for the Avalanche Software title. However, that is seemingly set to change some time soon.

This week saw the 2023 Harry Potter inspired title Hogwarts Legacy welcome its summer update which not only added a bunch of new cosmetics (well, a pair of glasses) but also a photo mode.

Check out the recent summer update for Hogwarts Legacy below!

With players now able to pose their witch or wizard, play around with some settings and take beautiful photos, you would have thought they would have been somewhat satisfied (surely!). However, it wasn’t long before the update was being slammed online.

Ridiculed for its lack of new content, basic cosmetics and a photo mode that nobody had really requested, the free 6 June update did not get the reception Avalanche Software was hoping for. However, it seems as though the developers still have some future plans for Hogwarts Legacy.

This news comes courtesy of a tweet made by Chandler Wood, the community manager at Avalanche Software. On 6 June, he said:

“We've seen all of your feedback and requests for New Game +. There are conversations happening on our side. I can't say any more now, but we hear you!”

This is excellent news for players who have been calling out for a NG+ mode since the game was first released back in 2023. Allowing players to dive into another playthrough all whilst retaining their equipment has been a must-needed addition to RPGs over the years and now it seems as though this will soon be possible for Hogwarts Legacy.

Additionally, yesterday brought us a leak that revealed that a Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut is reportedly currently in development. As a result, we may be about to see a whole bunch of new content arrive in the future so stay tuned!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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