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Hogwarts Legacy 'ridiculous' free download slammed by fans

Hogwarts Legacy 'ridiculous' free download slammed by fans

There are some unhappy witches and wizards

This week sees the release of the Hogwarts Legacy summer update and despite offering some new features, fans are less than impressed.

First released back in February of last year, Hogwarts Legacy went on to perform quite well with many fans flocking to the RPG to experience the magic of a Harry Potter inspired world.

Check out the launch trailer for Hogwarts Legacy below!

Since its release, it has not had any major updates or patches other than one quest which was added for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users only. As a result, fans are pretty unhappy with the title seemingly being left in the dust.

However, when Avalanche Software announced an upcoming summer update, fans rejoiced. Well, that was until they saw what the update entailed.

Alongside some new cosmetics and news that the once PlayStation locked quest would be made available on all platforms, the 6 June update’s biggest feature is a photo mode.

Players will now be able to take photographs of their witches and wizards in a variety of new poses, all whilst being able to adjust depth of field, focus distance and even time of day. However, it wasn’t long before players took to r/HarryPotterGame to express their disappointment.

One post read: “So we CAN sit and change seasons, but ONLY in photo mode? Waiting on that sike”.

Another player agreed, saying: “The fact that they basically made fun of us for asking for more interaction in the announcement video… “well you did ask for us to add sitting” like f**k you dude.”

As a result, many players are opting not to download the update at all, especially PlayStation users who already have access to the one quest being added.

It remains to be seen if Avalanche Software is working on anything else for Hogwarts Legacy but for now, it has a pretty unhappy fanbase.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software

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