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Hogwarts Legacy fans are already begging for New Game Plus

Hogwarts Legacy fans are already begging for New Game Plus

Hogwarts Legacy fans are demanding a major post-game feature, but will they get their wish?

A major Hogwarts Legacy post-game feature is being demanded by fans and with a bit of luck, developers Avalanche Software is listening.

Hogwarts Legacy is already proving to be one of the first big hitters of 2023. Fans are labelling it as a Game of the Year contender. What’s more, during its first week of sales, Hogwarts Legacy was even topping the likes of Elden Ring.

However, as great of an experience as Hogwarts Legacy is already, fans are demanding more. The most recent of demands is a New Game Plus for those that have finished the story and want to carry over stats, upgrades and gear into a new campaign.

“PLEASE ADD NEW GAME PLUS! I have already 100% everything and want to play again with all my end-game stuff I worked hard to get,” pleads Reddit user mrduds101. “Considering that there isn’t any end game material or towers with waves. It feels like the late-game equipment is irrelevant”

To be fair, one would assume that an action RPG such as Hogwarts Legacy would already have a New Game Plus implemented. However, that obviously isn't the case. Not at least yet, anyway. The New Game Plus is quite a common feature to have in this genre, and fans are hoping that the developers will introduce the mode via a post-launch update.

What’s more, the Reddit user has also asked for the ability to reset the map. “I would also like the option to “reset” the map objectives with a filter. For example, reset all the bandit camps and dungeons and don’t reset all the Merlin trials,” they explained.

Previously, Hogwarts Legacy fans have also asked for the game to feature a House Point system as well as introduce AI companions. However, for me personally, while all of the above would be fantastic, I still think it’s about time that the game let us pause in-game cut-scenes. I mean come on! How long are we going to have to hold it in to use the toilet?

Featured Image Credit: WB Games/Avalanceh Software

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