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Hogwarts Legacy players all have the same complaint about the menus

Hogwarts Legacy players all have the same complaint about the menus

Hogwarts Legacy players say that the menus are a "slog", and take too long to sift through.

Despite getting off to a flying start, Hogwarts Legacy players have already started to get frustrated about one unavoidable part of the game - the menus.

The Wizarding World RPG had amassed over 300K players on PC alone even before leaving early access, so the fact that it’s become the most successful Harry Potter game of all time less than a week after officially releasing is wholly unsurprising. The game continues to be highly controversial, however - many are boycotting the title due to its connection to J.K. Rowling, who has been heavily criticised for making harmful comments about the trans community. She will profit from the title’s sales despite not being directly involved with its development.

Take a look around Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below.

Over on Reddit, players have now branded the menus as a “slog”, noting that the time it takes to sift through them takes far longer than it should.

“They take like a second to open which doesn’t sound too bad but when you open it constantly it really adds up, every time you get a new armour piece (which is like once every three minutes) you have to go through three menus to equip it,” Noah5510 wrote. “And if you want to keep your transmog outfit you have to go through that process every time you equip a new item.”

Others are in total agreement: “Yup, there’s a lot of little things in the game that could be improved but the menu is the one that bothers me the most. Everything is so slow and not helped by the fact you have to keep going back to it to transmog or go back to a quest after the game automatically activates a new quest without asking you,” replied Laeez. “My biggest complaint about the game. For the longest time I was opening the map, then using L1/R1 to flip between tabs, and holy crap it was slow. Once I realised that the Options button brought up the ‘hub’ version of the menu I was thankful that it shaved a bit of time off, but damn - it’s still a drag to get through,” added AlchemicalToad.

This does seem like the sort of thing that could be improved in a future update, so players will have to keep their fingers crossed that the devs take note of these complaints.

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