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Hogwarts Legacy has a huge problem with its cutscenes

Hogwarts Legacy has a huge problem with its cutscenes

Hogwarts Legacy players aren't impressed that you cannot pause the game's cutscenes.

Hogwarts Legacy’s release is almost upon us. If you’re a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or PC owner, you’ll gain access to the title tomorrow on 10 February. If you’ve ordered the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition though, you’ve probably been enjoying the early access period since Tuesday.

As there has been an early access period, we’ve already learned so much about the game. Fans are claiming that Hogwarts Legacy is potential ‘GOTY material,’ and there’s one ‘god-send’ feature that players are saying every RPG should include. Many have also affirmed that Hogwarts is already their favourite video game location ever, plus the character creator has been praised for its representative offerings. That’s not to say that Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have its flaws.

Enjoy a tour of the open-world Hogsmeade below.

Players have gathered on Reddit to complain about one major flaw with the game’s cutscenes. Rather annoyingly, you can’t pause them. Reddit user LetsMakeDice wrote, “Can the devs add the ability to pause cutscenes? [...] I have a toddler and a wife and I want to enjoy every bit of dialogue but subtitles are not enough sometimes. Haven’t seen a game in a while that doesn’t let you pause cutscenes.”

It’s true. It’s quite a dated flaw. User jland545 added, “Being unable to do so is very frustrating. I don’t know why they don’t allow this,” while ElAutistico said, “I can’t remember a recent single player game that wouldn’t let you pause during cutscenes.” Some players have come up with a fix but it does pose a few risks.

User kaiserj3 said, “If you are on PlayStation, hit the home/PS button and go to the home dashboard. Scenes pause when you do that.” The hack also reportedly works on Xbox. Others warned though that “the scene will in some cases still continue in the background and if it reaches the end, it can result in a lock or crash,” so you’re probably better off leaving them to play out. Maybe it’s a fix that’ll come in a later patch.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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