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Hogwarts Legacy players discover a weapon far stronger than any spell

Hogwarts Legacy players discover a weapon far stronger than any spell

One Hogwarts Legacy player has discovered that Chinese Chomping Cabbages can be more powerful than any spell.

Hogwarts Legacy is seemingly the biggest game on the planet right now. Social media is flooded with witches and wizards who have spent the past couple of days diving in, embarking on their own magical adventure.

In fact, Hogwarts Legacy is already the most successful Harry Potter game of all time. Its sales are 80% ahead of where Elden Ring’s were when it was released this time last year - and Elden Ring was, of course, the eventual GOTY winner. Fans have praised Hogwarts Legacy’s ‘truly immersive’ open world and believe that it could follow in Elden Ring’s footsteps as many are calling it ‘GOTY material.’ Players are still uncovering the title’s many secrets and one fan may have just found a weapon more powerful than any spell.

Tour the enchanting Hogsmeade below.

As reported by PC Gamer, one Reddit user has discovered that Chinese Chomping Cabbages have the potential to be incredibly powerful. Essentially, these cabbages have a pretty fearsome bite but as user CumboJumbo discovered, you can use this to your advantage. They wrote, “[I] did some testing today and with the right build you can become a Cabbage guru, releasing six Cabbages at once and they will DEVOUR everything.”

“You need the Herbology 3 trait (found in special Bandit Camp chests with four legs, reload save if you don't get it) and the Fertiliser talent (Room of Requirement section in talents menu),” they added. “Herbology 3 will boost Cabbage damage. Put it on all of your clothing items for six stacks of damage. Fertiliser generates an extra Cabbage for free. You can have six Cabbages out at once this way (giving you 24 Cabbages for your max inventory of 12).”

“The Cabbage damage is based on the total ‘Offence’ stat of your current equipment. You should also build four potting tables in the Room of Requirement for Cabbages. You’ll want the table with three medium pots. This will yield 12 Cabbages every 12 minutes to completely restock your inventory. Enjoy.” Well, this is certainly worth a try.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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