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Hogwarts Legacy players are proudly attempting to out-do Voldemort's kill-count

Hogwarts Legacy players are proudly attempting to out-do Voldemort's kill-count

Hogwarts Legacy players are attempting to out-do Voldemort's kill-count and by the looks of it, they're suceeding.

If you’re nearing the end of Hogwarts Legacy, chances are you will have had the opportunity to learn the three unforgivable curses. There’s Imperio (which gives you control over your victim), Crucio (the torture curse), and Avada Kedvara (the killing curse). You can actually decline learning these spells. I personally didn’t learn Avada Kedavra although admittedly, that was more of a mistake than an intention.

There are plenty of Hogwarts Legacy players though who are brandishing these spells with reckless abandonment. The thing is, Hogwarts Legacy won’t exactly punish you for being bad, although your choices will be quietly reflected in the world around you. It’s no surprise that Avada Kedavra is such a powerful spell. One player managed to work out its damage stat - and it’s a whopper. Fans have taken an affinity to it and can’t stop bragging about outdoing Voldemort’s kill-count as a consequence.

Someone modded PS1 Hagrid into the game. Take a look below.

Reddit user bogeyj wrote, “True or false: Hogwarts Legacy’s main character has slaughtered more people throughout the course of the game than Voldemort has in his entire villainous career.” I’d say that’s true. Seeing as the game awards you for how many dark wizards, goblins, trolls, Inferi, and spiders you kill, you’re essentially encouraged to higher your kill count.

User slackti joked, “Voldemort has posters of me in his orphanage room growing up,” while Benzol1987 added, “It seems like all roads lead to AVADA KEDAVRA.” Cecilia_01 said, “Tbh, Voldemort was quite merciful compared to us. He simply Avada Kedavra’d Lily when he could have turned Harry into an explosive barrel and yeeted him at her. Two birds with one stone.” That sounds horrific on paper but yes. That’s basically what you do in the game.

Datmemesboi101 pointed out that “practically all of Voldemort’s victims were innocent while [main character’s] were poachers and other dark wizards.” I like the attempted justification of our actions, but I don’t think there’s any escaping the truth here.

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