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Hogwarts Legacy player finds easy solution to game's most frustrating puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy player finds easy solution to game's most frustrating puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy players have highlighted a super easy way to win all the Summoner's Court matches.

If you’ve been struggling with one particular part of Hogwarts Legacy, fear not - the answer may be a lot more simple than you realised.

Near the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy when you get access to the Accio charm, players are also introduced to the Summoner’s Court. This mini-game essentially serves as a practice arena to hone your Accio skills - players take on NPC students, and must use the summoning charm on balls in order to land them in different scoring zones within the court. If a ball falls out of the court, you lose points, and obviously, the highest score wins.

Take a look at this hilarious Hogwarts Legacy mod starring PS1 Hagrid below.

As you progress through the game, a total of five Summoner’s Court matches will be unlocked, which get steadily trickier each time. It’s worth beating all of them for the juicy XP points they provide, but if you’re struggling, fans on Reddit have highlighted a very straightforward solution which basically guarantees a win every time.

“Ever since I found out if I knock the opponent's balls out of the court they lose points I've been winning with that strategy lmao (sorry Prof. Ronen),” user mihuelise wrote, along with a screenshot of their landslide victory.

Others are seriously impressed: “Just scored my first perfect 300 a few minutes ago. Wasn't aware of this trick though. I'll be using it often!” commented EntropyWinsAgain. “Wake up babe, new Slytherin playthrough strat just dropped,” Worm_Scavenger wrote. “I’ve been playing this all wrong,” Tbird90677 added.

So, there you have it. If those later Summoner’s Court matches have proven to be stumbling blocks for you, you can now go back and destroy the competition - albeit in a slightly mean way. But hey, there can only be one winner, and needs must if you’re going for 100% completion.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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