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Hogwarts Legacy's most 'stressful' quest isn't worth the reward

Hogwarts Legacy's most 'stressful' quest isn't worth the reward

Hogwarts Legacy’s most ‘stressful’ quest isn't worth the reward, that’s according to fans on Reddit.

Hogwarts Legacy’s most ‘stressful’ quest isn't worth the reward, that’s according to fans discussing the game on Reddit.

Hogwarts Legacy is a game packed full of story, exploration, and treasures to uncover. I wouldn't be surprised if this time next year, players are still sharing Hogwarts Legacy secrets.

In terms of side-quests, the Wizarding World action RPG has plenty to offer alongside the main campaign. Interacting with NPCs on these side quests is certainly one of the highlights of the game. That being said, Hogwarts Legacy isn't without its chores.

Take for example the Merlin Trials with its 95 unskippable scenes. Players have accused the mythical wizard of having way too much time on his hands in relation to the repetitive nature of its gameplay loop. Unfortunately, completing these Merlin Trials is the only way you can increase your gear slots in-game.

However, the Merlin Trials are not the only repetitive side-activities in Hogwarts Legacy in what some players are describing as being too stressful for the end rewards. One such side-activity is for the Daedalian Keys.

“I thought I knew what stress was. Then I tried slapping Daedalian Keys,” said a dramatic DaSkrambledEgg on Reddit.

In a nutshell, you find the Dragonfly-like Daedalian Keys throughout the game. Once you ‘capture’ a key, it will then take you to a near locked cupboard. Players must then time a slap just right across a keyhole while the Daedalian Key moves erratically. Unlocking the locked cupboards will reward the player with new items.

Sure, this process can be a little fiddly at times, but even when playing on normal difficulty, you don't have to be all that accurate with the slap. Judging by the comments on Reddit, DaSkrambledEgg might be having an issue with timing.

“Slap them as soon as it starts to zoom in on the keyhole. It has worked every time for me,” replied MR1Reaper7. It does seem that the difficulty of timing the slap is dependent on the Hogwarts Legacy difficulty setting.

“My wife is playing on Easy, and the thing moves absurdly slow. It's definitely adjusted for the easier difficulties,” said jimmy_three_shoes. “I played on story mode and I just mashed the A button the moment the mini-game started and would win. I didn't even realise there was a mechanic to it until people started posting about it,” explained Rorynne.

Responding to the fellow Redditors on the thread, DaSkrambledEgg said: “I wouldn't have thought that mini-games would really be affected. I don't think many people realised that. Some may play on story mode and be like "that was so easy" while players on normal and hard had a rougher time. I just have terrible timing with it.”

So there you have it, if you’re struggling with the timing of the Daedalian Key side-quest, it’s likely due to your chosen difficulty setting.

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