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Hogwarts Legacy fans agree Merlin had too much time on his hands

Hogwarts Legacy fans agree Merlin had too much time on his hands

Hogwarts Legacy fans are saying that the great wizard known as Merlin had way too much time on his hands.

Hogwarts Legacy fans are saying that the great wizard known as Merlin had way too much time on his hands, but why?

“Merlin had waaay too much time on his hands. Seriously, when are devs going to realise this amount of mind-numbing repetition is not wanted,” said Reddit user SacredDarkSoul.

However, why are fans claiming that the great Merlin has too much time on his hands? After all, as the old saying goes, “idle hands are the devil’s work”. So surely, it's best for all involved that Merlin kept himself busy, right?

The issue that Hogwarts Legacy players seem to have is with the Merlin Trials. In total, there are a whopping 95 trials with nine variations. Completing these trials will unlock more gear slots. So at least that way, you won't have to dismantle gear every few minutes.

However, players not only have an issue with the amount of Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy but also its repetitive gameplay loop. What’s more, some trials apparently do not even appear on the map, adding to players' frustration.

“Finished the 95th one about an hour or so ago, and while I don’t mind the repetition nor the amount, I did really dislike that not all of them appear on the map even if you defog the whole thing,” said SA090. “Thank god for Revelio on the broom to help out with it and the Hotspots.”

“They don't have to fill the map with booring stuff just to say that there is 100-hour content in the game,” added Reddit user BothConstructio. “There are 95?? OMFG, that's insane,” expressed the surprised Cirias.

Some Reddit users even compared the Merlin Trials to map fillers from other games such as the Korok Seeds from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or the Animus Fragments from the Assassin’s Creed series.

However, a Reddit user offered some helpful advice for those that may find the Merlin Trials a little too gruelling, especially for those missions that do not appear on the map.

KaonunVega said: “Just fly on your broom with the Revelio upgrade and all points of interest are highlighted from quite a bit away. Merlin Trials might be repetitive and boring after a while but at least they gave us the tools to easily find them all.”

In related Hogwarts Legacy news, multiplayer is something that fans would love to see implemented into the game. However, while there may not be official multiplayer mode inbound, talented modders are already hard at work to make that happen.

Finally, despite Hogwarts Legacy proving to be the best-selling video game in the Harry Potter franchise, it’s not without its controversy. In particular, J.K Rowling's harmful comments towards the trans community.

If you want to show support for the trans community, a fantastic indie game bundle of joy is available now with ‘Trans Witches are Witches’ which directly supports LGBTQ+ creators.

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