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Hogwarts Legacy players say one small change to spells would make game infinitely better

Hogwarts Legacy players say one small change to spells would make game infinitely better

Hogwarts Legacy players all want the same change made to the spell casting system.

It certainly seems like Hogwarts Legacy has gone down well with those who have chosen to purchase the title and if you’re a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch owner itching to join in the fun, your time will come.

Regardless of the staggered release, Hogwarts Legacy is already the most successful Harry Potter video game of all time. It’s also the most controversial. As I’m sure you’re now aware, author J.K. Rowling has made a number of hurtful transphobic comments in recent years prompting many to boycott the game. Gamers have also banded together to raise thousands for charity Mermaids to stand in solidarity with the trans community.

Hogwarts Legacy’s open world allows players to visit Hogsmeade.

Those who have opted to pick up the game are largely impressed. Many have labelled Hogwarts Legacy as ‘GOTY material’ with some fans saying that Hogwarts is their favourite video game location of all time. Players are also in agreement though that one small change would drastically improve spell casting.

Reddit user xLOSTHAZE took to the site to write, “There should be a separate spell set for the Room of Requirement. It's annoying to have to edit spell sets when you want to use the functions of the Room of Requirement. There should just be a separate spell slot that you can use [in there]. Why would we need to use attack spells within the RoR? Why not just have it be a special set? Kind of how in Summoners you only use Accio.”

Plenty agreed with the user. SnowEternal wrote, “Definitely. There should be two additional permanent slots for utility spells and for RoR spells,” while Derreston added, “I honestly think non-combat spells should have a separate spell set or automatic toggle.” Maybe developers will take note for a future patch.

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