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Hogwarts Legacy 2 should let us transfer our character from first game, fans agree

Hogwarts Legacy 2 should let us transfer our character from first game, fans agree

Hogwarts Legacy players would like to see their main character carried over into a potential sequel.

It awaits to be seen if Hogwarts Legacy does manage to nab a GOTY nomination, but the general consensus seems to be this: While the game lays some solid foundations, there is undoubtedly plenty of room for improvement in a potential sequel.

Many have hailed Hogwarts Legacy’s iteration of Hogwarts castle as their favourite video game location of all-time. The rest of the game’s open-world feels a tad undeveloped though. It’s way too obsessed with sending you to caves and ruins. For months now, fans have been discussing what they’d like to see in a sequel, seeing as it looks like one is in development. A working companion system is a popular suggestion, as is the addition of a morality system. Additionally, fans are now also arguing that we should also be able to transfer our character over from the first game.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

The discussion started when Reddit user bogeyj argued that the game’s main character is too overpowered, suggesting that we should start anew with someone fresh. Many disagreed though. “Nah let us carry over to the same character being an unspeakable, that would give us an immediate connection to the MC,” said Lucian_blackfire.

Carchewlio wrote, “I’d rather stick with the same protagonist so that we can keep the same supporting characters and expand on the aftermath of the choice made at the end of the game. Something like Mass Effect. The MC now has a backstory for sequels and ancient magic is also the big thing that Hogwarts Legacy adds to the lore, so it’s unlikely they’re going to toss all of that in favour of some random new protagonist for no particular reason.”

Many agreed that you could match the scope of the main character’s power by having the story set across the wizarding world instead of just around Hogwarts castle. I agree with the latter sentiment. Given the choice players make with regards to what to do with the ancient magic at the end of Hogwarts Legacy, I’d like to see that have some kind of significance. This all awaits to be seen though.

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