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Hogwarts Legacy 2 has started development, says insider

Hogwarts Legacy 2 has started development, says insider

Hogwarts Legacy 2 has reportedly entered development according to one insider.

It’s the update we’ve been expecting. A sequel to Hogwarts Legacy has reportedly finally entered development.

I say we’ve been expecting it mainly due to Hogwarts Legacy’s enormous commercial success. The game has made over $1 billion - and with the Nintendo Switch release still to come in November, that number will only continue to grow. Many hailed Hogwarts castle as their favourite video game location of all-time, and it’s true that it is exquisitely detailed. Elsewhere though, the game is in need of a few improvements. The open-world is far too obsessed with caves and ruins, plus players have made it abundantly clear that they’d like a morality system, the option to travel with companions, and to visit other famous wizarding locations. Well, a sequel is the perfect place to implement those additions and by the sounds of it, one is now in development.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

We’re still awaiting an official announcement from Avalanche Software. During Friday’s Back To Hogwarts event, they simply announced a new The Making Of documentary in support of the game. Reputed insider MyTimeToShineH took to Twitter though to write, “Sources confirmed that a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is in the works.” The leaker didn’t divulge any further information on their sources but they have provided correct leaks before, particularly in relation to the MCU.

It does fit with what we know. Back in July, Avalanche put out a number of job adverts mentioning that successful candidates would help “create what’s next”. It’s by no means a confirmation of Hogwarts Legacy 2 yet at the same time, it stands the chance that it could be the game Avalanche is referencing.

We also know that the WB Games president David Haddad previously teased that he sees a “long-term” future for the franchise. I do wonder if we’ll get an update at this year’s Game Awards. You’d imagine they’d want to bank on the hype sooner rather than later.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

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