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High On Life DLC High On Knife swaps humour for horror

High On Life DLC High On Knife swaps humour for horror

The DLC expansion will be more "spooky" than the base game and features body horror, Squanch Games' CEO says.

High On Life is a strange game. The comedic FPS released last December on Xbox and PC, and sees the player attempt to save humanity from being used as drugs by aliens, all with the help of sentient weapons who never stop talking. There’s no doubt that you’ll have seen clips of it - it really was everywhere when it first came out.

Anyway, back in March, it was confirmed that High On Life would be getting a DLC expansion titled High On Knife. In a post on Xbox Wire by Squanch Games CEO Mike Fridley, it’s been confirmed that this DLC unsurprisingly focuses on the knife character, Knifey (what a name), who receives a mysterious package from home two years after the events of the base game. During the Xbox Games Extended Showcase yesterday, we also got a brand new trailer, and it certainly looks way creepier than the silliness we were all used to.

Take a look at the trailer for the High On Knife DLC below.

Fridley has confirmed that the DLC will be "a little spooky this time around" - fans can apparently expect a bit of body horror. He also said it might leave some with their dreams “broken for a while”.

“Since the launch of High On Life, we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from players worldwide,” Fridley wrote. “The enthusiasm and passion shown by our community have exceeded our wildest expectations, making it clear that the game has struck a chord with gamers and that there is still a place for games like High On Life out there.”

In January this year, Squanch Games founder Justin Roiland (who also co-created Rick and Morty) stepped down from his position at the games studio after allegations of abuse surfaced. The criminal charges against Roiland were dismissed this March.

High on Knife is a paid expansion, and will release in autumn, later this year, on Xbox and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Squanch Games

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