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GTA 6 trailer shows up online days before rumoured reveal

GTA 6 trailer shows up online days before rumoured reveal

The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer has supposedly shown up online days before a rumoured reveal.

Uh oh. We’ve finally arrived at the start of a very important week, if rumours are to be believed anyway.

You may recall that a so-called Grand Theft Auto insider recently announced with confidence that they understood that GTA VI would be revealed on 26 October. Well, that’s now just a couple of days away. Was this insider onto something, or is it simply another unsubstantiated clout chase? In the days since then, plenty of other insiders have popped up with vague promises of “soon”. Rockstar Games then added fuel to the fire after posting an image of the Vinewood sign with only the V and I prominently showing. Just a couple of days ago, they also quietly updated the company logo leading to speculation from fans. Now, the supposed ‘trailer’ has leaked online ahead of the full reveal.

Take a look at this incredible Vice City remaster mod below.

I say ‘trailer’ as it’s a description of a trailer, rather than the actual trailer itself. Reddit user FollowTheDamnLeakCJ claims that his wife works at Rockstar Games, adding that she’s reportedly seen the trailer and described it to him. Now, I would advise you to take this with a very generous pinch of salt. There’s every chance that this description could be total make-believe, especially given the level of detail remembered. We don’t have any official GTA VI news to dive into though, so what’s the harm in humouring this supposed leak.

The trailer reportedly “opens without any music, just the sound of bugs and crickets and other nature, on a shot of a gator in what looked like the Everglades.” A plane reportedly then flies over the gator before the trailer cuts to the Rockstar logo as ‘That’s All’ by Genesis starts up. We then supposedly see shots of Vice City’s nightlife, followed by rumoured protagonists Jason and Lucia driving in a convertible.

Later on, the duo hold up a convenience store which is followed by a lot of “fast action shots,” including a cop car hitting a barricade and Jason on a jet ski. The trailer then reportedly ends with Jason saying, “This is crazy. What are you willing to lose?” to which Lucia says, “We’ve been through enough. We don’t have anything to lose.”

A real description? A bunch of nonsense? Only time will tell, but it’s fun to play what if.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay via YouTube

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