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GTA 6 title may not be GTA 6, but something completely different

GTA 6 title may not be GTA 6, but something completely different

Fans are convinced that Grand Theft Auto 6 might not actually be called GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto VI is on the way, or is it? Fans of the iconic Rockstar Games franchise are now wondering if the game will go by another name.

Yesterday was a major day for Grand Theft Auto fans. Rockstar finally acknowledged GTA VI, confirming that they’d drop a trailer for it in early December. The Game Awards falls on 7 December but then again, Rockstar typically do things their own way. It wasn’t a good day for one fan though who said they’d drink their own pee if the game got announced that week. Sadly for that fella, it got announced that day and lo and behold, the piss was consumed. Elsewhere, Take-Two Interactive hinted towards GTA VI’s release date while Rockstar’s tweet has become the most popular gaming related tweet of all-time.

While we await the trailer, take a look at this incredible Vice City remaster mod.

Reddit user Limingeal posed the very valid question of whether GTA VI will even be called GTA VI. After all, in their statement, Rockstar Games refer to it as “the next Grand Theft Auto”. It’s possible that it could drop the numbering, although I’m imagining that if it did, fans would still call it GTA VI. We have Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which opted for names as opposed to numbers. Those titles were followed by GTA IV and GTA V though, so it’s really anyone’s guess.

As one Reddit user said, “We know it will be named GTA VI due to the fact that when Take-Two took down leaks, the takedown request said GTA VI,” which is a very good point. Hisricalmoke was more dubious, writing, “You’re right. I do find it weird how they purposely won’t mention the name even in an official announcement.”

NomNomNomNation added, “I also thought this. Seems very specific wording. I 100% think that this next game is GTA VI. It’s just about whether they stick to numbering the main games. Seems like it could have a new title format.” The good news is that we’ll most certainly find out in next month’s trailer reveal.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, TeaserPlay via YouTube

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