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GTA 6 fan drinks own pee after betting game wouldn't be announced this week

GTA 6 fan drinks own pee after betting game wouldn't be announced this week

One Grand Theft Auto 6 fan has drank his own pee after betting the game wouldn't be announced this week.

Yesterday felt a bit like a fever dream, but we didn’t imagine it. Rockstar Games finally acknowledged Grand Theft Auto VI - and yes, a trailer is coming next month.

It all began yesterday morning when Bloomberg reported that Rockstar was due to speak on the game within the week ahead of a trailer launch next month. Lo and behold, Rockstar Games then took to Twitter to do just that. The statement read, “We are very excited to let you know that in early December, we will release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto. We look forward to many more years of sharing these experiences with all of you.” Many have pointed out that The Game Awards takes place in early December, but then Rockstar Games have always enjoyed walking their own path.

While we await that trailer, take a look at this incredible Vice City remaster mod.

While yesterday was a joyous day for most Grand Theft Auto fans, it was quite an unfortunate day for one. Reddit user JohnnyRockhard62 was skeptical about the possible announcement of GTA VI, writing, “If GTA VI gets announced this week, I’ll drink my own piss.” Well, we all know what happened next. GTA VI did indeed get announced which meant that JohnnyRockhard62 had quite an unfortunate task ahead of him.

The user was pressed for details, adding that his plan was to “record a video of me pissing into a coffee cup with my weiner out of frame (because personal boundaries) then I’ll drink it but without my face. I’ll do some epic ASMR, I don’t know.” It was after the user said this that Rockstar announced the news, prompting a “less than a f**king day” response from JohnnyRockhard62.

You won’t believe this but the fella actually did it. Well, there’s a YouTube video of him pissing into a cup with ‘chugging’ sounds out of shot. Whether the pee went down his gullet none of us can truly verify. Regardless, he earned the respect of fellow fans. “A man with integrity,” someone commented, while another viewer wrote, “Actually did it, the legend.”

In case you were concerned, JohnnyRockhard62 confirmed that they washed their hands, the mug, and the toilet lid they tiddled all over. If you know this fella and you’re going round his house, I wouldn’t say yes to a cup of tea.

Featured Image Credit: gta6pissdrinker via YouTube, Rockstar Games

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