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GTA 6 time travel mechanic looks incredible

GTA 6 time travel mechanic looks incredible

Gotta get back in time

The heavily anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI still seems to be way off, with no official release date or initial trailers, leading eager fans down the rabbit hole of leaks and rumours for whatever info they can get, even if it’s a cryptic description of the alleged trailer.

However, there’s one concept in particular that’s generating a lot of discussions, that GTA VI could potentially take place across more than one period of time, sorry Red Dead Redemption fans, it’s unlikely there’ll be any crossover…

A concept trailer by YouTube channel TeaserPlay was constructed in Unreal Engine 5, presenting a modern-day city before rewinding the clock to the same location decades before.

Aside from the impressive visuals, detail and lighting effects that Unreal Engine 5 is known for, what really caught people’s eyes was the time travel mechanic.

Combined with other speculation that GTA VI will take place in Vice City, the idea of time travel should certainly be appealing to fans of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which chronologically takes place in the 80s.

This would open the door to a number of different possibilities, such as the return of old characters whose stories could be expanded upon. It’d also be a great excuse to bring back some of the classic cars and weapons that made their debut in previous games.

While every GTA VI rumour, gameplay leak and concept needs to be taken with a hefty handful of salt, it’s still fun to theorise about what the game may have in store for us until Rockstar breaks their radio silence.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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