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GTA 6 Vice City map blows fans away with its scale

GTA 6 Vice City map blows fans away with its scale

Fans have been making a concept map for GTA VI based on leaked information, and it looks like the game will be massive.

I’m not sure if there’s a single game out there that gamers are more excited about than the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

Rockstar Games still hasn’t released any information about GTA VI, but fans have already begun constructing a map to give us all some idea of the locations we can get ready to explore in the upcoming title. So far, it looks like it's going to be huge.

Take a look at what GTA VI might look like with this GTA V Vice City mod.

As Gamerficial reports, fans have been using information which surfaced from the massive September 2022 leak to help form a makeshift map. The leak (which was confirmed to be real by Rockstar Games) seemingly revealed that the game will take place in Vice City - a location that GTA veterans will know well from 2002’s Vice City and 2006’s Vice City Stories.

What’s more, the leak apparently revealed coordinates for the in-game map, and this has played a huge part in fans’ efforts to piece their own version together. Shared by a GTA fan account on Twitter, one concept map has even placed some in-game locations like the Tennis Courts and Nightclub where they’re expected to go in the final version. Given how many areas are already accounted for, and how much space is still left over on the map, it looks like the game is going to be enormous.

Fans are very excited at the prospect of the real game resembling this: “Yes! A wide ocean to be on to do missions, swimming and boat actions,” @YangMoney_ wrote. “In three-five years we will all see how accurate you [were],” tweeted @JiWiKs.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the leaked information was accessed at a point when the game was very early in development, so even if the alleged coordinates have been mapped accurately, things could still change significantly by the time that the game is out - for better or worse. Hopefully, the real deal will meet fans' expectations.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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