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GTA 6 'teaser' posted by Rockstar has massively split fans

GTA 6 'teaser' posted by Rockstar has massively split fans

A Rockstar Games Instagram post has split fans, with some claiming that it's a GTA 6 tease.

One day, Rockstar Games will drop a genuine teaser for Grand Theft Auto VI. It’s a day I’ve thought about a lot. Not necessarily simply because I too am excited to see what devs have been cooking up, but because I am almost 100% certain that it’ll send the internet into a hype frenzy unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Many Grand Theft Auto fans hoped that a GTA VI announcement would be made over the weekend, as GTA V celebrated its 10th anniversary. Come on guys, hang in there. We’ve waited a decade, we can wait a bit longer. Chances are, a reveal is almost definitely happening in the next year. Already, fans have been able to piece together a map based on last year’s leaks. It’s said to include over 100 unique locations to explore. Another leaker claims that GTA VI crimes will include money laundering and witness intimidation. Today though, I bring you news of a hot debate amongst fans: Is a recent Rockstar social media post a teaser, or is it simply an ordinary image?

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I hate to say this, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t a GTA VI teaser. That hasn’t stopped GTA VI fans from debating the fact though - and honestly, I can’t blame them for wanting to look for promising signs. As reported by Dexerto, fan account GTAVI_Countdown pointed out the apparent ‘tease’. Over on Instagram, Rockstar posted a key GTA V graphic in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the game, but fans spotted a few subtle changes.

In the edited ‘updated’ version, a telephone pole seems to form a ‘VI’ shape. A plane, featured in the original art, also appears to have changed direction and can now be seen flying towards the ‘VI’. You can see why fans are reading into it, but they’re not all convinced.

“I’m going to be honest. I don’t think Rockstar Games remembers the original picture and just threw this together last minute,” said one fan. “The plane is also heading south … Vice City,” excitedly claimed another. “You lot are reaching,” read one comment. Hm, which side are you on?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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