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GTA 6 PC release date already has fans on edge

GTA 6 PC release date already has fans on edge

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans are concerned about just how long they may have to wait for the game's PC release.

Sigh, the long wait for Grand Theft Auto VI continues. Despite the fact that fans have been waiting over a decade for the title, we still don’t know when it’s coming and yet, the potential PC release date has already got some prospective players feeling a little on edge.

At least we know that Grand Theft Auto VI exists. Last year, Rockstar Games was targeted by a major cyber attack during which over an hour’s worth of development footage of GTA VI was leaked online, alongside screenshots and source code. In the months since, many of those have been doing the rounds online, despite Rockstar’s best efforts. Already, we have some idea of what GTA VI’s map may look like, what kind of romance options the game will have, plus just how many side activities will be on offer. Let’s jump back to that PC ‘release date’ though.

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As mentioned, we still don’t know GTA VI’s release date but many fans are worried that PC versions of the title will once again be released some time after console versions. Reddit user SunTzuTrippa said, “For the love of God, please release console and PC editions together. We live in an age where all platforms can be acknowledged for their respective benefits. I really hope to see this.”

“I understand that one way to look at it is that if they release console editions first, then they will make a larger profit due to a lot of gamers buying this edition first only to then buy another version when it releases on PC,” they continued. “This is milking it, and tbh I wouldn't expect anything less from [Rockstar]. Let's hope they appreciate all platforms immediately upon release.”

Plenty of fellow fans agreed, although feared that this was wishful thinking. Ron_weedsley wrote, “Not going to happen. Best thing we’ll get is a PC port six months after release, could be worse like a year or two,” while JDravenWx added, “Definitely gonna be milking it. I wish they wouldn’t as well (even though I’m a console player) but they’re a business, and they’re going to do what makes the most money.” Only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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