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GTA 6 map leak confirms over 500 open-world activities

GTA 6 map leak confirms over 500 open-world activities

Plenty to see and do

It probably won't surprise you to learn that GTA VI's open world is going to be absolutely filled with things to do and see, according to yet another leak that details some of the game's many, many side activities.

GTA VI was announced back in February 2022 and... that's kind of all we know officially. It's been suggested the game will launch by March 2025 at the latest, but that's really all we have to go on.

Here's everything we know about GTA VI so far:

Undoubtedly you're aware of the massive leak that appeared online last September. This was, of course, confirmed as legitimate by Rockstar Games, who later revealed the footage had been illegally accessed in a network intrusion.

Despite Rockstar's best efforts to keep these leaks under control, they keep coming back. Naturally, fans have taken to analysing every last frame of footage and line of data they can find in order to figure out as much as possible about the game, and one juicy nugget confirms something we all suspected: there's going to be a crap-ton of side content in GTA VI.

Twitter user @_Dyllie_ posted a list of world events and activities which they claim were discovered in the previous leak - there appears to be over 500 in total, including basketball, fishing, crazy golf, a workout challenge and yard sales. Also listed were “UFO animal house” and “Bonnie and Clyde mystery”, both of which sound brilliantly bonkers.

Grand Theft Auto games are known for being absolutely rammed with content, of course, and it looks like GTA VI will take things to a whole new level. Given this game has already been in development for around 10 years now, it makes sense that Rockstar would want us to get as much bang for our buck as possible.

In other words? We're going to be playing GTA VI for a very, very long time.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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