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GTA 6 map leak leaves fans seriously concerned

GTA 6 map leak leaves fans seriously concerned

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans are growing concerned after one insider warned that the map may not be as big as they originally assumed.

You know the drill by now. We may still be awaiting official Grand Theft Auto VI news from Rockstar Games, but there’s plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. Those ‘insiders’ sure do like to tease us.

You may have seen that Grand Theft Auto fans have spent the last several weeks compiling a major document that essentially collates everything we know about GTA VI. Much of this is based on last year’s leaks. In case you missed it, in September 2022, Rockstar Games was hit by a major cyber attack during which over an hour’s worth of development footage was stolen alongside screenshots and source code. Based on that footage, fans have made a huge mock-up map for GTA VI, which they believe to include over 100 unique locations. Now though, one insider is teasing that the map may not be as large as fans originally assumed.

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We’ve heard so many tidbits about GTA VI’s map. The game is assumed to be set in Vice City, although leaks suggest we could also head to Cuba or back to the 1980s via flashbacks. Industry leaker Tom Henderson has warned that we should temper our expectations though. It turns out, Henderson actually issued this warning two years ago, so why is it gaining traction now? Well almost everything else the leaker said back then has turned out to be somewhat true.

Henderson previously teased a 2024/5 release date, the return of Vice City, multiple characters including a female hacker, and a revised GTA Online which is set to change over time with live events. The vast majority of that information has now been confirmed via other leaks, which is why fans are growing concerned about Henderson warning that the map is not as big as they might expect.

“Seems like he was right all along. The map thing is concerning though,” wrote Reddit user griefer_101. ToughAd2406 added, “Maybe he is referring to people who think the map is going to be the actual size of an entire state or even multiple states. It may just be a few small areas/city’s and a highway connecting them or something like that, which I would still be satisfied with.” I think that’s probably a reasonable suggestion. “I don’t know about 2x bigger than GTA V but it’s definitely gonna be bigger,” said tbomgv. The wait for an official reveal continues.

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