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GTA 6 insider reveals details about GTA Online 2

GTA 6 insider reveals details about GTA Online 2

This is very interesting.

The Grand Theft Auto VI leaks revealed an enormous amount about the upcoming game, like the setting, characters, mission structure, and more. With a release like this on the horizon, fans are questioning what will happen to the cash cow that is Grand Theft Auto Online, and details dredged from those leaks might paint an intriguing picture.

An insider stated that Grand Theft Auto VI is apparently in its final stages of development, though Rockstar Games was clear to say that it was a 2019 build in the leaked footage. The developer and publisher are noted for keeping their cards close to their chest and so the security breach was devastating. Thus, we will expect the two to be very reticent in the future, and so we lead to situations like these where fans are combing through what's left of the leak for clues.

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Magnifying glasses in one hand and trilby in the other, the community has seemingly stumbled upon references to 30-player lobbies in the footage. Then, well-known industry insider Tez2 suggested that there is a Grand Theft Auto Online 2 in the offing. "GTA Online 2 won't fully run on servers like FiveM. It will be a hybrid of P2P and servers mainly focused on providing the player Rockstar cloud services like handling sessions and Socialclub integration," they said of the inclusion of live events like Fortnite and added that the sequel has a cap of 32 players.

When pressed on how they knew this, they referred the other player to the Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay and explained that the lobbies would handle 30 players with two spaces for spectators - the same is done in Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online.

It's worth bearing in mind that none of this has been corroborated, for the aforementioned reasons that Rockstar Games isn't wanting anything to air before it is ready to. If it is true, we'd hope that players' progress from Grand Theft Auto Online 1 would carry over.

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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