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GTA 6 fans concerned map may be too big following latest leak

GTA 6 fans concerned map may be too big following latest leak

The map, cobbled together from the leak, dwarfs the one of Los Santos.

There are concerns that, after years and years of anticipation, Grand Theft Auto VI's map might actually be "too big" according to the footage leaked in the Rockstar Games security breach.

The hack was devastating for the developer, showing off the modern-day Vice City, two player characters named Jason and Lucia, dialogues, animations and levels in Grand Theft Auto VI. Not only was this revealed, the hacker also claimed to have snagged the source code, assets and internal builds of both the new game and Grand Theft Auto V. While this might appear like a small dent in a multi-billion dollar company, things like this actively damage the morale of the employees and lead to misleading ideas about the realities of game development.

Here's Homelander rescuing citizens from danger in New York City- I mean, Los Santos. He seems like such a nice guy.

While Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive scramble to pick up the pieces, fans are quietly cobbling together a map from what was uncovered. They were smart about it though. Using Microsoft Paint and Google Earth screenshots, different groups of fans were weaving different parts of the map from what was seen, eventually coming up with an outline to fill in the blanks with. Unfortunately, it looks like the toils of their labour have come to a ponderous conclusion.

Twitter user ChurchOfGTA shared an image lining up the coordinates of Los Santos with the ones from the leaked Vice City. See it here:

Clearly, it's enormous in comparison. Funnily enough, fans aren't head over heels with that realisation, even after waiting so long for the new game. "Bigger isn't always better, we've seen that plenty," said one. "Please have a good balance of countryside and city like in San Andreas. GTA 5 has way too many mountains with nothing, but empty space," added another. This isn't confirmed to be the true size of the new Vice City map, and given that the leaked footage was actually recorded in 2021, there's still opportunity for this to change.

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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