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GTA 6 fans are convinced game's release will be narrowed down next week

GTA 6 fans are convinced game's release will be narrowed down next week

When will the release date be announced?

Now we’ve had the first trailer for GTA VI, excitement has shifted from wanting to see more to wanting to know when the game will be released. The trailer ended with a very vague “Coming in 2025” and has not been narrowed down since.

Talk has begun ramping up on Reddit recently due to an upcoming Rockstar Games earnings call scheduled for 8 February. It’s on these calls we usually learn more about the goings on within a company and what they may or may not have planned for the future. It’s no surprise that players are thinking we may have that release window narrowed down.

We're all still speculating on GTA VI details.

This kind of post brings out both excitement and speculation. The call could result in no new information, however users on Reddit are predicting that we will get a release window or, at the very least, an idea of when trailer two will drop.

The key information to take away from this prediction is by the original poster saying, “It’s important to note that their fiscal 2025 begins on April 1, 2024 and ends March 31, 2025. Given that we know GTA VI is “Coming in 2025” according to Trailer One combined with T2’s earnings info, the best educated guess right now is for a Q1 2025 window.”

Many commenters agree that we’ll see something, however there’s sceptisim too. Why Would Rockstar Games and Take Two narrow down the window too much given that so many games see delays nowadays? The companies are known for their secrets so we’d suggest erring on the side of caution for now.

GTA VI is due to be a record breaking title already, given the excitement across the board. In terms of scope and hype, there’s never been another game like it, so the constant speculation is warranted.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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