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GTA 6’s second trailer predicted to be very different to the first

GTA 6’s second trailer predicted to be very different to the first

The second trailer for GTA VI is getting fans hyped.

The second trailer for GTA VI is believed to be completely different to the first according to fans, who are already speculating what new content it’ll show.

That 2025 release date for GTA VI is really starting to sting now, as we’ve got at least a year to wait before we can feasibly get our hands on the game, and even then it’ll likely be mid to late 2025 when it actually launches.

See the trailer for GTA VI below

The first trailer for the game sent fans into a frenzy when it showed off just how massive the new open world will be, not to mention it looks absolutely gorgeous, somehow better than Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games also treated us to a closer look at the game’s protagonists, Lucia and Jason, though the trailer primarily focused on Lucia as a character. This has led to speculation from fans that GTA VI’s second trailer will focus more on Jason.

One fan, MrGrubbycuddles, is predicting it’ll be a complete shift in tone to the first trailer and has even gone as far as to write an entire script as a concept. It’s described as “exact opposite” to Lucia’s trailer, and leans into Jason’s life before the pair head out into the Leonida together.

Hilariously they took this idea literally, as once you start reading you see it’s genuinely an exact opposite of everything that happens in the first trailer.

Jokes aside, the second trailer could very well be one that focuses more on Jason as a character, whilst also giving us some more longshots of Vice City and its wild inhabitants. Fans are also hoping to see actual gameplay, as the footage used for the first trailer, while presumably captured in game, didn’t show the player doing anything. A few car chases, some combat, or any minigames present would go a long way in creating additional hype for the game.

Of course the main thing we all want to see in the next GTA VI trailer is a damn release date, so we know exactly how long we’re going to have to wait to play it.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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