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GTA 6 fans already obsessed with 'hammer lady' NPC

GTA 6 fans already obsessed with 'hammer lady' NPC

GTA 6's 'hammer lady' NPC is likely a reference to a real life individual.

You may have assumed that Jason and Lucia are the stars of the brand new GTA VI trailer and while that’s technically true, fans cannot stop laughing at ‘hammer lady’ for lack of a better name.

In case you missed it, the GTA VI trailer is now available. Yes, it was due to originally release in, at the time of writing, 75 minutes time. Unfortunately, the trailer was leaked online forcing Rockstar to post it earlier than planned. That hasn’t dulled the reception though. Fans are incredibly impressed with the game’s graphics, whilst praising the fact that the series hasn’t lost its sense of signature humour. GTA VI isn’t due to land until 2025 where it’ll launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S only. Seeing as we’ve still got a long wait ahead of us, fans are dissecting the trailer - with many making note of hammer lady.

ICYMI: Take a look at the brand new GTA VI trailer below.

It’s clear that GTA VI is satirising certain real-life Floridian news stories. Reddit user HumanAIGPT took to the site to write, “Is that the hammer lady?” posting a side-by-side comparison of a pink-nightgown clad woman featured in the GTA VI trailer and a real life individual who hit the headlines back in 2020.

In June of 2020, a Miami-based man by the name of Edy Perez uploaded a video he took after a local woman began attacking his car with hammers, hurling racial and xenophobic abuse at Perez. It’s believed that the woman was eventually arrested following another altercation she entered later that day but because of coronavirus restrictions at the time, she was freed a day later. Despite Mr. Perez being based in Miami, the video was filmed in Los Angeles, but that hasn’t seemingly stopped devs from taking inspiration.

The nightgown-clad woman in the GTA VI trailer is holding two hammers, so you can see why fans are drawing the link. “These devs are too in tune with the streets,” one fan joked, while another added, “I love these references to real life”.

GTA VI is due to launch in 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press, Rockstar Games

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