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GTA 6 'cinematic trailer' looks like a mobile game, fans say

GTA 6 'cinematic trailer' looks like a mobile game, fans say

A fan-made Grand Theft Auto 6 cinematic trailer has split the opinion of fans, with some comparing it to a mobile game.

It’s a painful truth, but we still don’t know when Grand Theft Auto VI is coming. Forget about a release, a simple reveal would suffice at this stage. We’ve done a decade of waiting but let’s look on the positive side, my friends. Every day that passes is one day closer to the eventual reveal, whenever that may be. Progress. Slow but steady progress.

We know that GTA VI is in the works. Last year, Rockstar Games was subject to a major cyber attack during which over an hour’s worth of development footage was leaked online alongside source code and screenshots. In recent weeks, a snippet of co-op story mode footage seemingly made its way online, plus we’ve got a better idea about just how many side quests and activities the game will have. Tired of waiting though, one fan has taken to making their own cinematic trailer for the game - and it’s one that’s split opinion.

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The animated fan trailer was created by Reddit user GibbsonTV_YT in Blender. Personally, I found the concept project to be very impressive. Whether it’s what you had in mind for GTA VI or not, GibbsonTV_YT’s animation skills can’t be knocked. That’s the problem though. Expectations are so high for GTA VI that fans seemingly have very specific ideas about what they’re hoping to see from the game.

User Emilixop wrote, “Sell this to a mobile game company for good money,” and they’ve made a good point. MacTheBlic had a similar opinion, writing, “Looks cool but it looks like a mobile game.” TheKiweGuye commented, “I can see you put effort into this. Good work,” while H1r5t_M0V135 added, “Not a bad animation in all fairness. I’m not gonna complain about ‘Ooh but actually GTA 6 looks like blah blah’ because I know just how much time and effort goes into these Blender animations and it impresses me so much by what [people] create.”

The concept does have a Saints Row vibe but hey, it’s something to scratch the GTA VI itch until something legit comes along.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, GibbsonTV_YT via Reddit

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