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GTA 6 announcement leaves long-suffering fans on edge

GTA 6 announcement leaves long-suffering fans on edge

They can't take it anymore

GTA VI's announcement has left long-suffering on edge, with many now completely unable to look at anything Rockstar posts on social media without seeing the shadow of an impending teaser.

Rockstar Games first announced that GTA VI was in active development back in February 2022, but since then the studio has remained maddeningly tight-lipped. The only acknowledgement we've had from Rockstar that the game exists since then is when it responded to the infamous gameplay leaks of an early build of the game from last summer.

Here's everything we know about GTA VI below! Spoiler: it's not much.

The upshot of this stony radio silence since the original announcement is that fans spend every waking minute thinking that a GTA VI trailer is going to drop out of the sky at any time. Twitter and Reddit is usually full of insiders and hopeful fans claiming the game is going to be announced any day now, and it's all-too easy to get caught up in that hype.

After all, we know the game has been in development for close to a decade, and we know it will be launching by March 2025 at the latest. At this stage it's really not that far-fetched to believe the game could be shown off imminently.

This only serves to make it worse when Rockstar goes on social to announce something that isn't GTA VI, of course. Over on the game's subreddit fans have shared their frustrations, revealing that every time Rockstar drops a trailer for something like a GTA Online update or the recently released Red Dead Redemption port, they get swept up in a few seconds of blissful hype and believe, if only for a moment, that Rockstar's announcement is going to be GTA VI. It never is, obviously, and the illusion is shattered instantly. But that's just where GTA VI are at right now, and have been ever since the game was announced last year.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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