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GTA 6 $70 price tag will actually be worth it, fans agree

GTA 6 $70 price tag will actually be worth it, fans agree

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans say that the game's $70 price tag will be utterly worth it, putting their faith in Rockstar.

The lengthy wait for Grand Theft Auto VI continues. Despite the radio silence from Rockstar Games, it feels as if we’re getting fresh leaks every single day. That’s not to say that these leaks carry any weight, but they’re a fun distraction in the meantime nonetheless.

It was back in February 2022 that Rockstar confirmed the existence of GTA VI, although it’s believed to have been in development for close to a decade. A major cyber attack carried out last year revealed that the game is seemingly set to feature Bonnie and Clyde style protagonists. Lately, insiders have been teasing supposed file sizes, claiming that GTA VI is twice as large as the current biggest game of all-time. I’d certainly take this with a pinch of salt. A map leak does appear to tease a game that’s on the larger side though. One insider claimed that it would cost $150, but that appears to be utter nonsense. Fans agree though that the more likely $70 price tag will be justified.

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It’s very likely that GTA VI will be $70, a price that puts it in line with most modern releases. Reddit user StingingGamer has argued that, “GTA VI may be the first $70 game that is actually worth the price,” adding, “With the new push for $70 AAA games, I can see this being one of the only titles deserving of that price tag.” Interesting. I wouldn’t say it’s the first, but I have no doubt that Rockstar is cooking up something good.

Money_Tanks3741 added, “I'd pay $70 for it and not complain. I loved what I saw in the leaks, so I'm definitely buying it for whatever realistic price they sell it at,” while EZdarkest added, “If it delivers above GTA V and RDR2, I’d pay 100 bucks happily. We got 10 years of free GTA V DLC. I'd give it to them. No one did this before.”

MrDunkiccino added, “It'll definitely be worth that $70 dollar price tag. As much as people s**t on Rockstar, you have to admit they put out quality products. Also I'm not one to pre-order, but I'll definitely be getting GTA VI day one. Whether it's $70 or more, I know it'll be worth it with how they're really going all out with VI to exceed expectations.” The wait continues.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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