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GTA 5's next update is bringing back a classic character that we literally all saw die

GTA 5's next update is bringing back a classic character that we literally all saw die

The next major content update for GTA V looks to bring a character back from the dead.

It seems that GTA V likes to bring presumed-dead characters back from the dead in its major content updates.

Back in March 2023, a character who we saw die in Grand Theft Auto V was brought back in the GTA Online content update ‘Los Santos Drug Wars - The Last Dose’. Just a heads up, we’re about to go into spoilers for GTA V. The character in question that returned from the dead is Michael’s 'therapist' Isaiah Friedlander.

This Vice City mod could give us an idea of what GTA VI might look like.

As fans of GTA V will know, Michael is a very dodgy character, as too are his companions Francis and Trevor. However, unlike his companions, Michael has spilt all his deepest and darkest secrets to Isaiah Friedlander. So, when Friedlander is offered a TV show and threatens to talk about Michael on television, obviously, Michael cannot let that happen so he prevents his therapist from talking forever - or so we had thought.

Now, yet another presumed-to-be-dead character has seemingly risen from the grave. Though it’s worth keeping in mind that this comeback has not been officially confirmed by Rockstar Games yet. As reported by, a leak claims that Johnny Klebitz is set to make a return in an upcoming content update for GTA Online. Johnny Klebitz was the main protagonist in the GTA IV expansion ‘The Lost and The Damned’. What’s more, you may remember that Klebitz made a brief cameo in GTA V but after a meeting with Trevor, it didn't end well for the former biker-gang member.

It appeared that Klebitz died during that encounter with Trevor, but it's now believed that the character will return in the next major content update for GTA Online, possibly for Halloween. Whether this leak comes to fruition, only time will tell.

In related news, a puzzle discovered in the most recent update for GTA Online looks like it might be teasing upcoming GTA VI news. Moreover, the infamous torture scene in Grand Theft Auto V has been deemed unnecessary, in retrospect.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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