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Gamer's wife destroys his limited edition Uncharted PS4 trying to 'make it look nicer'

Gamer's wife destroys his limited edition Uncharted PS4 trying to 'make it look nicer'

Why on earth would someone do this?!

It’s always nice for a devoted fan of a particular game to pick up snazzy limited-edition items, especially when it comes to a gaming console.

Over the years we’ve seen some gorgeous limited-edition consoles such as Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for PS5 as well as today’s topic of discussion, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for the standard PS4 console.

Check out the Limited Edition Uncharted 4 console trailer below!

Keeping our beloved limited edition consoles in pristine condition is of the utmost importance to any would-be collector, not just from a value perspective, but also from the perspective of looking after your goods. However, what if that love and care were taken out of your hands and someone decided to deface your lovely console? Unfortunately, this is what happened to one Uncharted fan after his wife gave his limited edition Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End console an unnecessary makeover.

TikToker user Isabella Veronica Hardy posted a video that went viral of her giving the console a makeover to match the aesthetic of their bedroom. “Wrapping my husband’s ugly PS4 in white to match my white aesthetic room,” she said in a video.

I own this particular console and it truly is a gorgeous bit of kit, and it sends me into a slight panic at the mere thought of it being defaced. Veronica even called the console an “ugly, blue thing”. The audacity!

A part of me hopes that this TikTok video follows discussions with the husband and wife to generate big views in the hope of going viral. Yet, it’s still a crime to deface this console just for views. What’s more, given the fact that the console was also covered in a wrap, it could result in major overheating problems.

Obviously, the comments in the TikTok thread were full of disgruntled gamers wondering why on earth someone would do this with some asking Veronica, why not just buy a white console?

In somewhat more happy news, fans agree that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is developer Naughty Dog’s best game, and some fans believe that Uncharted 5 may have been subtly teased. At the time of writing, the PS5 is yet to have its own Uncharted game.

Hopefully, we’ll get Uncharted 5 before the PlayStation 6 arrives, but we wouldn't recommend holding your breath otherwise you might die.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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