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Uncharted 2 is Naughty Dog's best game, fans agree

Uncharted 2 is Naughty Dog's best game, fans agree

Naughty Dog fans have been debating the studio's best game, with the vast majority of votes going to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Well, this is what some may call a spicy debate. Fans of Naughty Dog have gathered to discuss which is the studio’s best game. You may be surprised to discover that many are hailing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as the best of the bunch - an epic game, for sure. Still, I’m surprised it’s beaten a certain post-apocalyptic powerhouse.

It’s been a rough couple of months for Naughty Dog, which isn’t what you expect from one of the industry’s leading studios. The PC port of The Last of Us Part I was released in a glitchy and bug-ridden state. Then, just as fans were expecting to get their first glimpse at the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer release, Naughty Dog confessed that it was back to the drawing board on the project. Insiders claim that it was due to be shown off this summer but an internal review by fellow studio Bungie left Naughty Dog concerned about its long-term viability. They are working on a new single-player experience, although we don’t know the IP. Rumours that filming has begun on The Last of Us Part III are rife though, so hopefully Naughty Dog will get back on track soon. In the meantime, fans have been appreciating their strong back catalogue.

Reddit user Aumius kicked off the discussion and there was an overwhelming amount of love for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves released back in 2009. User son_of_atreus said, “Uncharted 2 for me [..]. It is the best action-movie [game] ever, with great characters, a compelling central plot/macguffin, and amazing action sequences,” while MarshallBanana_ added, “By far the best game in the series. Has the greatest sense of adventure, the most balanced combat, incredible set pieces, and the pacing of the story is pitch perfect.” Onikouzou said, “I don’t usually replay games but I’ve played 2 three times over the years.”

I agree that Uncharted 2 is incredible. In fact, that train sequence is one of the greatest gaming levels of all-time. Then again, I’m a major fan of The Lost Legacy - a slightly more unpopular pick, but a game that I think is vastly underrated. There are hopes that Uncharted may be making a return if a PS5 advert is anything to go by.

Plenty of other Naughty Dog releases were mentioned though. Predominantly, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and The Last of Us. The Last of Us Part II gets my vote.

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