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Gamers' petition to stop Elder Scrolls 6 being Xbox exclusive struggles to hit 50 signatures

Gamers' petition to stop Elder Scrolls 6 being Xbox exclusive struggles to hit 50 signatures

Angry gamers have petitioned to stop The Elder Scrolls VI from being an Xbox exclusive and struggles to hit 50 signatures.

Angry gamers have struck once more and the masses have let their voices be known to the powers that be!

Well, when we say “masses”, what we actually mean is a group of just over 20 people from the world’s population of 7.888 billion. At the time of writing, 24 (yes, 24) people have signed a petition on in the hope of preventing The Elder Scrolls VI from being an Xbox exclusive.

For this petition to hit its first milestone, it needs 25 signatures, let alone generating 50. Who knows, by the time you read this article, it might get one or two more pity signatures. If I cared enough, I’d sign it myself.

“As a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, I'm outraged,” said petition organiser Matt B. “Microsoft is making The Elder Scrolls VI exclusive to Xbox and PC after the purchase of the company Bethesda.”

The rage continues: “Before you say anything I know The Elder Scrolls III was exclusive to Xbox and PC, and I will argue the fact that the series is more popular now than it was back then in no small part due to the game being on Xbox and Playstation.

“Fans of the series and casual fans who only played Skyrim should boycott this game until they reverse their decision. Make the Elder Scrolls series for everyone and not just 50% of gamers. Thanks for your support.”

While I appreciate the efforts of the petition organiser, the attempts will prove to be futile. Firstly, I can’t ever remember a petition that has prevented a game from being exclusive to one particular format. Secondly, Bethesda is owned by Microsoft and Xbox is a Microsoft console.

It would kind of be like Sony bringing The Last of Us and God of War to its rival green brand just because a few people signed a meaningless petition. Still, I somewhat appreciate the commitment nonetheless.

At this time, we still do not have a release date for The Elder Scrolls VI, but we do know that it will likely be Todd Howard’s last game for Bethesda. In related news, someone started a petition to prevent Starfield, another Bethesda game, from being an Xbox exclusive. As you can imagine, it failed spectacularly.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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