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Gamer randomly bumps into his old Black Ops buddy in MW2 online lobby 10 years later

Gamer randomly bumps into his old Black Ops buddy in MW2 online lobby 10 years later

One gamer has randomly bumped into his old Black Ops buddy in a Modern Warfare 2 online lobby 10 years after they last spoke.

Gaming alone and gaming with friends are two entirely different experiences. One night, I can be sinking hours into a stunning open world, watching a twisting narrative unfold. The next, I’m playing Fortnite with my fellow GAMINGbible-ers, yelling at them to avenge me after I got sniped by a Clone Trooper or banana. It’s all about balance.

You may play with friends you know in real life, but it may actually be through gaming that you met those pals. The latter is exactly what happened in this instance. Two friends met playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, but that’s not the most wholesome part. Over 10 years later, the duo reunited in a Modern Warfare II lobby after falling out of touch. The world works in mysterious ways.

Take a look at some livestream wins and fails below.

As shared by Gamingzar, the reunion was captured on video and posted to TikTok by hexotic_live. The user was in a Modern Warfare II lobby when they said to a fellow online player, “Did your name used to be-” before stating a previous username. After a small pause, the other player said, “Yeah,” realising exactly what was happening. Hexotic_live added, “Dude, we have been playing COD together for - well, we played Black Ops II and Black Ops I - on PlayStation 3.”

“Really?” the other player responded. Hexotic_live then confirmed his previous username. “North? Holy s**t. What the f**k. Bro, that’s crazy,” remembering his online friend from yesteryear. “What a game,” hexotic_live said, in shock at the surprise reunion. Take a look at the TikTok below.

Needless to say, plenty of viewers were equally as gobsmacked. “That’s honestly crazy wth,” one wrote while another added, “Enough to make a grown man cry.” Someone else commented, “Did you guys add each other and are you guys gonna end up playing?” to which hexotic_live said, “Big time, we have been playing together every time he gets online now.” Wholesome news, indeed.

Featured Image Credit: Meme, Activision, hexotic_live via TikTok

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