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Far Cry 5 is getting a 'highly requested' new-gen update

Far Cry 5 is getting a 'highly requested' new-gen update

In celebration of Far Cry 5's fifth anniversary, Ubisoft is teasing a new-gen update for the game, which will seemingly be announced soon.

If you can believe it, Far Cry 5 is almost five years old. I simply refuse to believe that 2018 was half a decade ago. I can feel the back pain setting in the more I think about it.

Concerning passage of time aside, there’s some very exciting news for Far Cry 5 fans on the horizon. In celebration of the game’s anniversary, Ubisoft is teasing lots of exciting things to come, seemingly including a new-gen update for the game.

Take a look at our interview with Giancarlo Esposito on playing Far Cry 6’s villain, Antón Castillo, below.

“Let's celebrate the fifth anniversary of Far Cry 5!” the official Far Cry Twitter account tweeted. “Over the next three weeks, celebrate the fifth anniversary with us. Stay tuned for what's to come, including a highly requested feature for next-gen consoles.”

That “highly requested feature” can surely only mean an update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, right? Although it’s not been fully confirmed at the time of writing, it seems like a very safe bet that new-gen console owners will be able to look forward to a 60fps patch, and maybe some visual improvements to the game.

Far Cry 5 is part of PlayStation Plus’ Extra-tier game catalogue, which means that subscribers of Sony's more expensive monthly tiers are able to play it for free. Hopefully, this means that PlayStation owners will be able to check out the upcoming upgraded version without having to pay an extra penny.

Speaking of PS Plus Extra, yesterday, Sony announced the full lineup of titles coming to the game library this month. There are some genuinely fantastic pickings, from Ghostwire: Tokyo to Neo: The World Ends With You and even Tchia, which is being added as a day-one release.

Back to Far Cry 5, we’ll just have to wait for Ubisoft’s further announcements over the coming weeks to see exactly what we’re dealing with. I think most people will be happy with a 60fps mode, but perhaps there'll be more to it than that.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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