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Fallout: The Odyssey looks like the best Fallout in years

Fallout: The Odyssey looks like the best Fallout in years

The wait for a new Fallout game just got a little easier

Fallout fans have not been eating well for the better part of the last decade.

For all its charm and ambition, Fallout 4 was an admittedly divisive release that put too much emphasis on action-packed shooting sequences and not nearly enough focus on the nuanced moral complexities that made the first three games (and New Vegas) so popular.

Then there was Fallout 76, which I'm told is actually really good fun now! But nobody is going to forget that launch in a hurry.

While we wait for the recently confirmed Fallout 5 (which I'm sure we won't actually be seeing until 2030 at the earliest), we can always count on the industrious and handsome fans to tide us over.

Webb Productions Entertainment has shared a gorgeous new trailer for Fallout: The Odyssey using Unreal Engine 5. The film is designed to drum up hype for Fallout: The Odyssey - a total conversion mod for Fallout New Vegas that's in development right now. It's worth noting that while this short film uses Unreal Engine 5, the mod itself uses New Vegas as its foundation and so will not be making use of the souped-up next-gen engine. Because that's not how mods work, my friends.

Fallout: The Odyssey takes place in Alaska during the year 2297, where the reformed Enclave is making plans for "what might be the most ambitious event in human history since the great war". Players enter the picture as a lone wanderer caught up in the Enclave's last stand against the Brotherhood of Steel.

As the official account teases: "Whether it be a good outcome for one side and total failure for the other, you will decide on this outcome."

You can check out the video for yourself right here, and you can follow along with the progress of this impressive mod here.

Featured Image Credit: Webb Productions / Bethesda

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