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Fallout: Vault 1080 is a Resident Evil-style horror you can download free

Fallout: Vault 1080 is a Resident Evil-style horror you can download free

As if the game couldn't get anymore horrifying

Those heading back to the Wastelands with Fallout 4 should check out this Resident Evil-style horror expansion which is guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

There is no denying that Fallout 4 can be a bit horror-esque at times but combining the atmosphere of Resident Evil is just outright cruel. Nevertheless, that is what one modder has done with a free-to-download expansion.

New to the franchise and not sure which title to start with? We have you covered!

Vault 1080 created by Ex0dus13 on Nexus Mods adds a brand-new questline, four areas to explore and more importantly, a complete overhaul of volumetric lighting using NVIDIA.

Featuring around an hour of gameplay, this mod “leads you through a foggy, murky marsh to the ruins of an old church” where players will follow the small pockets of light until they reach Vault 1080.

Full of buried secrets and hidden horrors, you will uncover the truth behind a misguided congregation “that embraced darkness and sickness in order to survive”. It will be up to you to decide if these monsters do indeed deserve salvation.

The quest can be accessed by accepting the ‘Church of the Valley’ mission and the objective will take you to a seemingly unassuming hut outside the marsh.

As well as the mysterious vault, you will also get to explore the surrounding marsh as well as the cave, church and vault itself. However, secrets aren’t the only things lurking in the dark so I hope you’re ready to fight some ghouls.

If you want some more content for Bethesda’s Fallout 4, you can also check out an expansion inspired by a real life location in Maine. Offering new quests and another new area to explore, this free download is set to add even more to do in the 2015 RPG.

That will be the perfect way to spend time whilst waiting for Fallout season two.

Featured Image Credit: Ex0dus13 on Nexus Mods

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